Big Data – Challenges for Law & Ethics – Ljubljana, Slovenia

University of Ljubljana Faculty of Law
The Faculty of Law University of Ljubljana presents Big Data: New Challenges for Law and Ethics May 22-23, 2017. Paper proposals are due by March 20, 2017. (This is an extended deadline.)
The leading questions the conference speaker will tackle are:

  • how the operations of society, political systems, and, in particular, social control and crime control, is changing due to large data bases and algorithmic data mining and predicting powers?
  • Will computers decide who to prosecute and who should be sent to jail?
  • Which programmes and systems of algorithmic predictions are already in place in the criminal justice systems around the globe?
  • Why this can be dangerous in terms of fundamental human rights and fundamental principles of democratic societies?
  • Is the new GDPR a suitable framework for »algocracy«, i.e. rule by the algorithm?
  • How can we propose solutions that may not hinder the development of the technology, but enable more nuanced, ethically and legally sound solutions to be developed in the future?

About the author

Reference librarian, University of Washington School of Law