CFP: Work & Economics of Employment Symposium- Arlington, VA

George Mason University Scalia Law School

The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy (JLEP) and the Law & Economics Center (LEC) at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School invite submissions of papers to be presented at JLEP’s 16th Annual Symposium on November 8, 2019 in Arlington, VA. This year’s symposium topic is The Changing Nature of Work and the Economics of Employment in the 21st Century. Total honorarium payments of $4,000 per paper will be available to those who have their papers selected for presentation at the Symposium and provide timely drafts and revisions. The LEC will provide lodging and meals at the symposium, but participants will be responsible for their own transportation arrangements and expenses.

As the digital economy redefines traditional notions of the employer/employee relationship, and policy makers develop new methods of managing the labor landscape, businesses, workers, regulators, and courts are facing a myriad of challenges related to the changing nature of work. It is imperative that hiring, management, legal, and oversight decisions are approached with a foundational understanding of the underlying economic principles that motivate all parties in the incredibly complex labor and employment markets.

Up to four (4) papers will be selected for presentation at the Symposium. Selected authors would be required to provide an expanded draft prior to the Symposium, with a final draft to follow thereafter. JLEP is a peer-reviewed journal, and the editors intend to publish selected final papers that pass peer review in a Symposium Issue in Spring 2020.

TIMETABLE: Authors will adhere to the following timetable:

1. Submission of Paper Proposal – Submission Deadline of July 21, 2019:
– Written paper proposals of no more than three pages should be submitted no later than July 21, 2019. The LEC will notify those chosen to present a more fully developed draft at the November Symposium by August 1, 2019. Selected authors will be provided an honorarium of $2,000 upon submission of a complete draft and their participation in the November Symposium.

2. JLEP Symposium at Antonin Scalia Law School – November 8, 2019:
– Selected authors will present complete drafts of their papers at the JLEP Symposium to be held at Antonin Scalia Law School on November 8, 2019. Each paper will be presented on a panel that will also include 2-3 discussants. Complete drafts must be provided no later than October 14, 2019 in order to allow discussants to read and prepare feedback prior to the Symposium.

3. Submission of Final Draft to JLEP – Deadline of January 31, 2020:
– Following presentation at the Symposium, authors are expected to revise their papers and provide a final draft suitable for publication in JLEP (in particular, citations must conform to Bluebook standards). Final drafts will be due no later than January 31, 2020. Upon completion of this requirement, authors will receive a final honorarium of $2,000. This honorarium will be reduced by $500 for each week the final draft is submitted past the deadline (beginning the day after the deadline).

TOPICS: Topics of special interest include (but are not limited to) the following:
– Employment v. Contract Work (The gig economy, economic and business distinctions between employees and contractors, the relationship to the Fair Labor Standards Act and other statutory and common law rules, why workers might prefer one relationship to the other, etc.)
– Occupational Licensing and other Barriers to Entry (What effects do these have on job opportunities, consumer prices/choices, etc.?)
– Unionization and the Right to Work (What impacts are the evolution of labor union membership and laws regarding unionization having in the private or public sector, etc.?)
– Work in the Shadow Economy (How are immigration, the availability of day laborers, other ‘off the books’ employment, and related trends changing the workforce?)

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: To be considered for inclusion, please send your initial draft to Jeffrey Smith at no later than July 21, 2019.

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