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Concurring Opinions, Law Review Articles Submissions Resources

Emory Law Library, Current Law Review Article Length Limits & Preferences.

Michael Hoffheimer, LexisNexis On-Line Directory of Law Reviews and Scholarly Resources.

Allen Rostron & Nancy Levit, Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals.

Washington & Lee Law Library, Law Journals: Submissions and Ranking.

University of Washington Gallagher Law Library, list of journals and addresses from Current Index to Legal Periodicals.

Articles: Law Review Studies

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Articles: Legal Scholarship

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Articles: Research Deans

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Mary Dudziak, How (Not to) Write an Abstract

Susan Duncan, Writing Abstracts:  Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

Philip Koopman, How to Write an Abstract

Kathy Zellers et al., Abstracts